ITU Mini

The Harvest ITU Mini is a low-powered logger with a built in modem and a range of inputs for various hardwired monitoring options.
The Mini is a great option for smaller sites that don't require a full ITU G2 system.

Key Features

  • Harvest designed logger with integrated modem (cellular or satellite)
  • Range of input types for varying sensor and output types
  • Global SIM card and dual band Harvest cellular antenna for automatic network switching
  • Durable ABS plastic weather proof enclosure
  • Solar or mains powered with backup battery
  • SD Card for backup log storage

Typical Configurations

  • Automated Weather Station (AWS) with entry level weather sensors and Harvest temperature/humidity sensor attached, can be used for frost alarms
  • Installed at pump shed for monitoring of pump faults/signals, water meters, bore/tank level sensors etc
ITU Mini